The best alternative

for those who bet

on reinventing their hotels

SKA Hotels has developed its own and efficient business model, based on our experience in the sector. This will allow us the integration of several hotels in the company over a period of five years, within a plan designed for long-term growth.

We also direct our efforts to adapt to the wishes of current consumers. For this reason, we have implemented, within our business model, four brands under the concept of luxury. They have their own personality, offering an authentic experience for each type of client.

Why join SKA Hotels?

We want to become the best alternative to the rapid changes in the tourism sector. For this reason, for those who put their trust in our company, we offer them the best way to grow and reinvent their hotels:

  • We collaborate together in the total integration of the hotel in SKA Hotels.
  • We adapt our growth strategy to each hotel and market.
  • We mark the difference in the revenue management, becoming our main added value.
  • We have four sub-brands that allow us to develop innovative experiences for current clients.
  • We make easier the implementation of technological solutions for the improvement of customer service.
  • We work on the operational planning of each hotel, achieving the most efficiency in all areas.
  • We keep abreast of new trends in the sector, with the objective of reducing risks and increasing our competitive advantage.

Join our expansion project!

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