About Us

SKA Hotels is a hotel chain based in the Canary Islands. We are a company committed to providing accommodation services and experiences under a high-end concept. An approach that we always develop from and for clients, involving the criteria of efficiency and creativity.

Since our first steps in 2016, we have built a long-term project, where we outline a series of objectives to fulfil. Among the most important, we emphasize positioning ourselves as a benchmark company in the tourism sector nationally and internationally. We also want to make our brand become the perfect alternative by lovers of travel and leisure. We will work to integrate the generation of prosperity and sustainable development, in those places where the company is present. And finally, be precursors of innovation, applying it to all products and services that we offer.


To achieve these goals, the SKA Hotels team works with great strength and dedication in:

  • To act from empathy, modesty, communication and equality, because working with and for people is the main purpose of the company.
  • To serve with passion for hospitality, because that is how it is configured in the DNA of SKA Hotels. What we do, we do for our guests.
  • To bet on innovation, since in order to anticipate current and future customer needs, change is essential.
  • Carry out the necessary strategic actions in coherence with our principles. Therefore, the business sense guides SKA HOTELS activity on a daily basis.
  • Always think in terms of sustainability. We must respect the environment in which we work and reduce the footprint environmental. It is our commitment to present and future generations.
Our Team

We have a team of professionals committed to the transformation in the tourism sector. We look for the perfect combination between a long experience and the incorporation of young talent:

Sonia Fleitas

Chief Executive Officer.

With great effort creates SKA Hotels in 2016, today leading all areas of the corporation. Its commitment focuses on carrying out the company's business plan and consolidating it in the market.

Saray García

Executive Assistant.

She works jointly with the board of directors, and also manages and coordinates the SKA Hotels main offices.

José López

Chief Comercial Officer.

He is in charge of the commercial strategy and of the coordination with the SKA Hotels partners, ensuring the sales growth foreseen in the hotels of the chain.

Andrea Alencastro

Chief Marketing and Communication Officer.

Bring the products and services offered by SKA Hotels to customers. In addition, she develops the communication strategy of the hotels and of the corporation.

Ghalani Lasri

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer.

We know how important it is for hotel management to comply with all regulations. For this reason, Ghalani has the mission of keeping the company within the legal frameworks, easily fulfilling the SKA Hotels business plan.